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daiteq provides optimized processors, accelerators and SoCs for image processing and satellite navigation. We design and implement dedicated hardware pipelines, as well as instruction set extensions for advanced data processing for embedded applications with specific requirements on the overall performance/power efficiency. We provide flexible solutions with parameterizable pipelines that can serve a group of applications, and single-purpose hardware solutions tailored to one concrete application. Our primary implementation technology is Xilinx and MicroSemi FPGAs.

For general-purpose processors we provide instruction set extensions for micro-threading. Micro-threading is a novel approach to task execution that combines the classical von-Neumann sequential execution and data-flow synchronization. Key features include synchronizing memory and fast context switching, both supported directly in hardware. The ISE for micro-threading is currently embodied in the LEON2-MT processor, which is a customized version of the LEON2 processor.

For embedded applications we offer instruction set extensions for arithmetic computations, both in fixed-point and floating-point, that can be used for example to increase the performance of image processing or software defined radio algorithms executed in embedded processors.